Arts & Culture Magical School Magical transformation workshop – Make a newspaper dome house with your family!


Everyone from kids to seniors enjoys “transformation” using the magic of theater and dance!

You’re stuck on a deserted island and you need to work as a family before night falls! Available materials on the island are newspapers? An electric fan!? And how will you get off this island?
The Arts & Culture Magical School is where young and all, girls and boys can enjoy art at close quarters, under the theme of “transformation”, and this is the final event of this program! To stay for a night on a deserted island, you will build a dome house out of newsprint by combining the strengths of every member, and the ideas of young and old under your island leader. What will you name the island? How will you build your house? What will you be able to see from the house? Play as a family, at a scale that is not usually unachievable at home!

Magical transformation workshops
Everyone from kids to seniors enjoys “transformation” using the magic of theater and dance!

This program is held in Regional Residents’ Square (Kumin Hiroba) and Community Cultural Creation Building (ChiikiBunkaSouzoukan) with instruction from professionals. The program, for all ages from the very young to the very mature, uses theater and dance techniques but the keyword is “transformation”. Instructors Mr. Junnosuke Tada and Ms. Kei Namba encourage new discoveries about the self and others through “acting”, while Mr. Teita Iwabuchi guides participants in unveiling their own physical potential through small changes in awareness about their bodies. This casual workshops on “transformation”, which will bring delight to your everyday life, is open to all including beginners.

Sep 14(Sat) Regional Residents’ Square “Konan Daini”
Sep 18(Wed) Regional Residents’ Square “Seiwa Daini”
Sep 21(Sat) Regional Residents’ Square “Shiinamachi”
Sep 22(Sun) Regional Residents’ Square “Hoyu”
Sep 26(Thu) Regional Residents’ Square “Nishisugamo Daiichi”
Sep 27(Fri) Zoshigaya Community Cultural Creation Building
Oct 21(Mon) Regional Residents’ Square “Asahi”
Nov 9(Sat) Sugamo Community Cultural Creation Building

Junnosuke Tada (the head of Arts & Culture School)

Event Info


Nov 9(Sat), 2019
Event reception on the day: 13:45~14:00



Recommended age

Children of elementary school age and above and their families


9 groups


We recommend bringing a drink and hand towel, as well as loose-fitting clothes.


Bookings can be made online through the Toshima Ticket Center website, or by telephone
Toshima Ticket Center : Please apply from here.
Tel 03-5391-0516(10:00〜17:00)
Applications will close once the class is full. First in, first served


Sugamo Community Cultural Creation Building


Culture City of East Asia 2019 Toshima Executive Committee Secretariat


Arts & Culture Magical School

Workshops held all across Toshima for the enjoyment of performing arts under the theme of “transformation”. The program is aimed at all age groups, young and old alike.